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Belfry Hockey Network Presents Darryl Belfry for 2 days detailing the teaching techniques and pedagogy that led him to become hockeys skill development pioneer and personal skill coach to many of the top scoring NHL players in the last decade including 3 of the top 5 2010’s Decade Scoring Leaders.

Belfry will spend 2 days walking you through his skill development progression. Participants will receive a Workshop Workbook which mirrors the sessions allowing you to follow along and detail the lessons in an organized format. You will also receive a years subscription to the Belfry Hockey Development App, which will host video examples of the content provided.

Darryl is committed to continuing to grow the game by sharing the best teaching techniques he has discovered in his journey to you the coaches and skill instructors who have your boots on the ground.


Speaker: Darryl Belfry

  • Workshop Workbook that mirrors the content for easy note taking and Year subscription to the Belfry Hockey Development App
  • Focused on Ice Demonstrations, Darryl will take you into his mind in the on-ice section.
  • Logical Progression of Content designed to be a springboard of a practical methodology you can use.
  • Interactive Question/Discussion after every module.

With 2 Modules Featuring 8 Sessions**

** Question Periods: In an effort to deepen the learning, I’ve afforded time at the end of each module and time at the end of the day for an open discussion on the topics. I feel an interactive element following each module and an opportunity to give life to your your workbook and your notes you’ve accumulated, will give us a chance to dive deeper into areas of the topic that you are interested in.

Day 1
  1. The Skills of Teaching Skill:

    There is a skill to teaching skills, in this opening section of the Workshop, I want to dig into the best skills and specific strategies that I learned about teaching skill that may improve your skill set

  2. Practice Design Strategies to Improve Organic Skill Development

    Team practices reveal opportunities to create dual development team and individual skill development, what are the specific ways we can be intentional about building both? In this module, I’ll explore different drill design, drill rule formats and how to use undercurrents to build massive rep counts to organically provide your team with a dual development opportunity.

  3. Talent, Skill and our Role in Influencing the Achievement Gap

    The achievement gap is something I never hear anything about, but it is a critical element to skill development. In this section, I’ll detail my thoughts on how we can avoid perpetuating the achievement gap in small area games. I’ll also dive into where talent and skill intersect and where are sweet spot is for development.

  4. On-Ice Demonstration

    For the on-ice demonstration, I’ll go though examples of all three of the modules we revealed so far in the workshop, with a practical illustration of each.

Day 2
  1. Skill Analysis and On-Ice Feedback

    To open Day 2, I want to explore the personal side of skill development in both individual skill analysis and an outline of how I use on-ice feedback to build a development relationship with each of the athletes

  2. Connecting the 3 Skill Speeds

    The iconic Anatoli Tarasov detailed the 3 Skill Speeds of Hockey (skating, hand speed and speed of mind), the interdependence on each skill speed in terms of skill projection has been a 20 year focus of mine. I’ll detail how these skills speeds can be developed in unison and why if they aren’t we create skill gaps. My goal is to affect your attitude towards skill isolation.

  3. Training to Game Transfer Process

    In the last module, I’ll detail how training to game transfer works and practical strategies to reduce the time it takes for players to transfer.

  4. On-Ice Demonstration

    The on-ice demonstration will be a practical exploration of all three Day 2 modules

Hone Your Skill Coaching with the Best:Darryl Belfry


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