To effectively transfer skills from training-to-game, you must learn each skill in its proper order and in accordance to feel-based learning strategies. Our foundation of Game Performance Analysis is your advantage.

We believe every player, regardless of age or level, needs both a personal development plan and a learning strategy. We believe it is critical to profile your game habits and how your skill applies in your asset base. This gives us the information we need to effectively build your Success Equation.

Each person that makes up the Belfry Hockey team couldn’t me more excited about our new EB2SPIDER stick line. This next-generation line will provide you with the best tool to acquire and transfer skills, and perform the translatable SKILLS THAT SEPARATE!

Canadian Office

Brett Vancise

  • Senior NHL Game Performance Analyst
  • Senior NHL On-Ice Video Review Expert

Brett is the foremost expert in NHL Game Performance. He tracks the game performances of our clients all season long. Brett is also Darryl’s right hand man on the ice and brilliantly gets the right camera angles for our players instant on-ice feedback which is the backbone of our on-ice skill development platform.

Kirill Chikin

  • NHL Study Tracker
  • On-Ice Instructor

Kirill is our Study Tracker, he heads Belfry Hockey’s NHL and Amateur research departments. He also is an instructor at the Belfry Hockey Camps.

Buffalo Office

Jake Rosen

  • Camp Director

Jake is new to the Belfry Hockey staff and will be heading up our EB2SPIDER Department, along with co-ordinating our camps in locations around the world.

Columbus Office

Eric Travers

  • Columbus Development League Director

Eric heads up the ever-growing Development League in Columbus Ohio.

Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre

  • Hockey Director

Lisa Chesson

  • Special Projects
  • Instructor

Adam McHugh

  • Head Instructor
  • Skill Diagnostics
  • Game Metric Analyst
  • Columbus Development League

Adam is the Head On-Ice Instructor for the Columbus Development League.

Chad Fritz

  • Head Coach
  • Bantam Coach

Dan Dukart

  • Director of Video and Analytics
  • On-Ice Instructor

Joey Nahay

  • On-Ice Instructor
  • Columbus Development League

Joey is an On-Ice Instructor for the Columbus Development League.

Zach Vallette

  • On-Ice Video/Instructor

Zach is responsible for on-ice video review and is an on-ice instructor for Columbus Development League.

Mitchell Goodin

  • Assistant Goalie Coach
  • Goalie Analyst

Adam Annarino

  • Overview Video and Video Prep

Adam shoots and prepares the video in Columbus for our Development League.


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