President, founder of Playmakers Inc.

Belfry has worked with the NHL’s brightest young stars and is recognized as the leading expert in uncovering new pathways of performance excellence.

Belfry has created a powerful curriculum of discovering authentic identity, pinpointing translatable skill, building personal performance matrix, and training “pandora” skill habits in a continuum to help clients improve their ability to draw confidence and sustain adversity.

Belfry’s masterful “leading from behind” technique guides individual players, teams, and corporations to transform their game. With a focus on on stick handling, skating, and body position, Belfry is able to help create time and space, which is why the best in the game enlist his services.

In his early days, Belfry wanted to be a hockey player but ultimately turned his attention to coaching. In order to differentiate himself, he spent time identifying strategic advantages others were missing. As his unique way of viewing the game began to develop, Belfry studied relentlessly; taping Hockey Night in Canada and picking players from each game to analyze.

“When you watch games as a fan, you view them in their totality. But, when you watch one player in a game, then watch another player from that same game, it’s like two totally different games are being played. Your view transforms from totality to a singular person and that translates into my coaching.

When I first start with a player, they’re teaching me the entire time. My job is to figure out what makes an individual the player they are, find areas of opportunities inside what’s being done, and plug in the skill that’s missing.”

Today, Belfry is regarded as an innovator and the leading expert in uncovering new pathways of performance excellence. His unique approach to the game has helped many transfer training-to-game, just as it will help you.


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