Featured on Hockey Night in Canada

From Darryl’s background, to what he has to offer with his program, take a look at what Hockey Night in Canada illustrates about what Belfry Hockey does for up and coming stars and veterans alike.

Darryl made a video of me before I worked with him and broke it down to the most specific pieces I’d ever seen. It was incredible. He does things that nobody else has done before. I’m really fortunate to work with him.
- Auston Matthews, 2016 NHL Top Prospect
He’s someone that can look at your individual game and pick out some things that you can add or something you can work on.
- Sidney Crosby, Penguins Captain
I remember the first time going out to see Darryl in St. Catherines, not knowing what to expect. It was a little bit different than anything I had ever been taught, but it just made a whole lot of sense.
- John Tavares, Islanders Captain
Darryl is an innovator. He has been able to come up with his own stats, formulas and ways of looking at the game.
- Jason Spezza, Stars Forward


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